Using Fiction To Share The Faith with Thomas Salerno

Author Thomas Salerno joins me to discuss his work as an author of #catholicfiction. We discuss how he began writing, how fiction can share the #faith, and how he has grown in his faith through writing. He is a talented and inspirational writer that you should follow. #catholicism

Check out his website at

About Thomas (from his website):

My name is Thomas Salerno and I am a freelance writer. In my nonfiction work, I enjoy exploring the intersection between Christianity and nerd/geek culture. I’m also a short story writer and aspiring novelist working in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. In addition, I enjoy writing articles that help communicate science (particularly the fields of paleontology and anthropology) to the general public. I hold a BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University and between 2013 and 2020 I worked (first as a volunteer and later as a paid employee) at the American Museum of Natural History. I have been writing professionally since 2020 and have composed multiple articles for Bishop Robert Barron’s Word On Fire Catholic Ministries as well as Philip Kosloski’s Voyage Comics & Publishing.

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