Being Light And Leaven In The World

I recently had the honor of sitting down with Bishop Joseph Strickland to discuss his book “Light and Leaven”. We have a conversation about his book, but more importantly we discuss how the laity can help renew the church. In our conversation we discuss the importance of the eucharist, how catechists can convey this vital truth, how abortion is still a issue of vital importance, and many other great topics.

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Bishop Strickland On Light And Leaven

I’m sure you will enjoy the conversation with Bishop Strickland. To check out the bishop’s book you go to the St. Philip Institute here. You can also purchase the book from the publisher Catholic Answers by going here.

About Bishop Joseph Strickland

Bishop Strickland is a trusted and sought-after voice of Catholic orthodoxy in the Church today. Appointed the fourth bishop of Tyler Texas by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Bishop Strickland’s valuable insights and constructive counsel regularly reach a national audience through Catholic news and social media.

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Interview On Light And Leaven

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