Holy Spirit And The Healing Power Of Prayer

Dr. Scott Forrer recently joined me discuss how the Holy Spirit works to heal. We discuss the power of the cross, how to die to your self, and how the Holy Spirit can heal memories through prayer. Dr. Forrer is a board certified Neurologist who calls upon his experience as a physician to show how healing prayer is effective. Check out his website at www.christconnections.me

Holy Spirit And Healing

Dr. Forrer draws on his 30 years of medical experience in Neurology to discuss how memories affect our bodies. He discusses how the Holy Spirit, through healing prayer, can heal those memories and turn them into instruments through which God can be gloried.

About Dr. Scott Forrer

About Dr. Scott Forrer: Dr. Scott Forrer attended medical school at Michigan State University and specialized in neurology at the University of Arizona. For over 30 years, Dr Forrer has been certified in both neurology and psychiatry and continues to manage an active practice. Dr. Forrer’s background is inclusive to comprehensive studies of neurosciences, with a focus upon neuronal systems of consciousness, the quantum physics model of consciousness, awareness, infinite intelligence, contemplative prayer, and meditation.

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Dr. Scott Forrer

Pursuing a vocation as a medical professional, Dr. Forrer has embraced his practice in medicine with the conformance of his Catholic faith. He has been active with healing prayer groups and Eucharistic adoration for several decades. As a Catholic, he acknowledges God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit as the true healer. He believes that science supports the case that the healing of the brain, mind, and emotions are reliant upon prayer, particularly healing prayer.

The Interview About the Holy Spirit

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