Rapture: Did The Church Fathers Teach It?

The rapture is a theory about the end times which has become very popular in certain segments of Protestantism. Recently I came a cross a few articles that attempted to claim that the early church fathers taught this version of eschatology.

What Is The Rapture?

Within the realm of theological thought, the rapture is a new construct. Though some aspects of premillennialism were taught through history, a pretribulation rapture didn’t come about until 1830. A preacher by the name of John Nelson Darby began teaching it in 1830. The rapture movement caught fire in America with it being propagated in the Schofield Study Bible.

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It teaches that at the end of time Jesus will come back to get those who are saved before the seven year rapture begins. Scripture tells us that the Lord will come again, but it will be to judge the living and the dead. This theory of the end times actually has Jesus coming two more times, once to get the saved, and another seven years later to judge the world. It is novel, unscriptural, and nobody in the church taught it until the 19th century.

Interview On The Topic

On May 18 I was a guest on Hands on Apologetics which is hosted by apologist Gary Michuta. It airs on Virgin Most Powerful Radio Monday-Friday at 1pm EST. We went into depth on this topic and dived deep into what the early church really believed.

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