The Virgin Mary Through History

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Mike Aquilina and discuss the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout history. He wrote a great book on the subject titled “History’s Queen“. We touch on some aspects such as what those in the Apostolic age thought about her, how she brought comfort through the plagues, and how she brought converts in our Lady of Guadalupe.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

About Mike Aquilina

Mike is a popular author working primarily in the area of Church history, especially Patristics. He has written more than 60 books, has hosted eleven television series on EWTN, and is a contributing editor of Angelus magazine. Some of Mike’s most important and popular books have been those on the Fathers of the Church, such as The Way of the Fathers: Praying with the Early Christians in 1999 and The Fathers of the Church in 2006. His books have been translated into languages as diverse as German, Portuguese, Croatian, and Braille. The Grail Code has appeared in ten languages since its publication in 2006. Mike’s 2015 book Ministers and Martyrs was an official companion volume to the NBC series A.D. The Bible Continues.

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Mike Aquilina

In recent years, he has hosted many series on the Eternal Word Television Network, as well as two independently produced feature documentaries. One of these was on the great Church Father St. Augustine. Mike Aquilina is also a published poet and songwriter. He collaborated on a book and two albums with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist Dion DiMucci. The title song of one of these albums was later performed as a duet by Dion and Paul Simon. A Pennsylvania native, Mike is also a past editor of the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper, as well as New Covenant magazine. For further details, including a complete list of available books, see Mike’s website,

Interview About His book On The Virgin Mary

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