Can A Christian Lose Salvation?

I recently interviewed Author and apologist Ken Litchfield and we discussed a very important question. We discuss whether or not a Christian can lose their salvation?

Evidence From Christian Sources

We look at the biblical evidence to show that they can. Ken also answers some common objections. Throughout the interview Ken gives scriptural evidence from the Old and New Testaments to support the Catholic view that salvation can be lost by one willingly walking away from Christ.

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About Ken Litchfield

Ken is an author, speaker, and is a regular guest on Hands On Apologetics with Gary Michuta. He has written a great composite guide to Catholic Apologetics titled How Old Is Your Church? This book is an introductory guide to the Catholic Faith. It is great guide for new Catholics, fallen away Catholics and cradle Catholics. It can be used as supplementary guide for a Confirmation class or RCIA class.

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Ken Litchfield

This book explains what the Catholic Church teaches in plain language for the regular pew sitter. It explains the Old Testament Jewish roots of Catholic teachings and the New Testament references for Catholic teachings. As a bonus I provide quotes from early Christian teachers that give the a Catholic interpretation of the Old and New Testaments before 500AD.

Note: The description of the book was taken from the Amazon description.

Enjoy the interview with Ken.

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