5 (more) Youtube Channels To Check Out

I love Youtube. I admit that I watch videos on Youtube more than Hulu, Netflix, or any other streaming platform. About a month I ago I posted about five channels that you should check out. That was over on Patheos, and since I am no longer writing over there here is the addendum. These Youtube channels will help you grow in your faith. After each channel mentioned will be a video for you to preview.  The channels listed are done so in no particular order.

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1. A Catholic Wife Youtube Channel

This channel is great! Deena (the owner of the channel) has highly engaging content about the sacraments, living a virtuous life, and even some apologetics. The following is from the about section of the channel:

My name is Deena. I am a traditional (cradle) Catholic, happily married, full-time homemaker, & mother of four daughters. Striving for an extraordinary life ♥️ My channel will be a place where I will share content covering my passions for sacramental marriage, Traditional Catholicism, & homemaking.

Her recent video on confession is listed below.

2. Virgin Most Powerful Radio

I have a confession. When I’m writing throughout the day this channel is on in the background. The channel has live content Monday through Friday from 9am-1pm. The channel will challenge you to stand up for the faith in your daily life, help you with apologetics, and strengthen your prayer life.

This channel has a great lineup of shows that feature Jesse Romero, Terry Barber, and Gary Michuta among others. Below is a link to today’s broadcast.

3. The Coming Home Network Youtube Channel

The Coming Home Network has a special place in my heart. As a Protestant seminarian they assisted me with the answers and materials I needed. If you like conversion stories then this is the channel for you. They are the producers of the popular EWTN program The Journey Home.

Though they are known for this program there is so much more. They also have great programs such as On The Journey and Deep In History.

4. David L. Gray

David is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. His videos are hard hitting and full of truth. In addition to the Youtube channel, David is a radio show host with a show on Guadalupe Radio every Wednesday at 4pm CST.

David uploads clips from his radio show, news items, videos about freemasonry, and how to live a more virtuous life. David is a convert to Catholicism by the way of Agnosticism and Protestantism. He is also a former Freemason. He currently resides in the Greater Saint Louis, Missouri area and is the President and Publisher of Saint Dominic’s Media Inc.

5. William Albrecht

William is a theologians theologian. The videos that he makes are packed with tons of great information. If you fail to learn anything from his videos then you are at fault. You just weren’t paying attention.

He delves deeply into the church fathers, Marian doctrines, trinitarian theology, and Christology. His channel is like a seminary on Youtube.

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