Why I Stopped Posting On Patheos

I have thought long and hard about this. It is something I didn’t take lightly and sought the Lord’s guidance on. In January 2020 I was honored to be brought on to blog at the Catholic channel over at Patheos. I was excited because it was a much bigger platform. With this move came some warnings from others who had previously blogged at Patheos Catholic.

My Experience At Patheos

This post is not a hit piece on the platform. My experience was good. Patheos is unique in that there is a channel manager, but not an editor. Each blogger is free to post whatever they wish. My blog at Patheos was titled The Pursuit of Holiness, and I did a mix of apologetics, evangelism, and devotional topics.


Since there is not editor there is a mix of voices. There are conservative bloggers such as the great apologist Dave Armstrong and other great bloggers such as Rene Albert. It was great being exposed to a variety of perspectives. The channel itself it pretty liberal and liberal talking points are quite prominent. Though I didn’t agree with some of the rhetoric, the writers were great to work with.

Why The Farewell?

There were some changes made and the catholic channel is now without a manager. I don’t believe I am at liberty to go into details, but I thought it was time to bring my writing back home to this page. Without an editor there were times when bloggers came dangerously close, if they did not break the line, in writing some heretical stuff. Some have outright questioned church teaching and said it was wrong. For that reason, though we are free to write what we want there, it was time to depart.

Though they are free to write what they want there were times when I became associated by default simply by my presence on the platform. Overall, I am thankful for the opportunity to write at Patheos. I hold no hard feelings. Why would I? I am thankful for the opportunity. Everyone there is an independent blogger and we each do what we feel is best for our audience. For me, it was time to focus my writing here, on my Catholic Stand Column, and my monthly offering on EpicPew.

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