God Is Mercy Conference: Join Me

Dear friends, I’m sharing a short talk at the online conference, ‘God is Mercy!’ I’m joining SmartCatholics to bring a variety of speakers together to grow in our understanding of God’s Mercy. The event lasts 2 days, from November 28-29.

God Is Mercy On Smartcatholics.com

And the best part is, it’s more than an online event. It’s a community that will grow. So come join me and dozens of other amazing Catholic speakers. You’ll be able to watch a selection of videos for free. It’s only $10 to join the community.

God is mercy

Register for free today: smartcatholics.com.

The topic I’ll be speaking on is something I’m passionate about: Mercy In Confession.

So again, come join us for an amazing couple of days. Register for free today: smartcatholics.com

God bless!

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