Array Of Hope Is Adapting To Evangelize

I recently had the pleasure of having the producer and executive director of Array of Hope, Mario Costabile on the program. Array of hope does catholic events such as concerts and retreats that are geared towards teens and their families. Events are also offered for parishes and dioceses.

We discuss how the Pandemic has changed how they have done ministry. They have adapted and are offering virtual interactive retreats for parishes and organizations throughout the country. Learn more about this great organization at

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Mario And His Organization Offer Digital Retreats And Events

About Array Of Hope

Founded in 2010, Array of Hope creates and produces transformative events, films, and music for Catholic parishes, dioceses, and faith-based organizations. 

Array of Hope exists to reveal the “Truths of our Faith” by creating high-quality films, music, and events.  Seeking to address the decline of God in our culture, Array of Hope is empowered with God’s grace to capture the hearts of families and awaken an inner desire to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

This goal is accomplished through each of these specific ministries: (1) Concerts, (2) Films and Music, (3) Youth and Family Retreats, and (4) Social Media Outreach.

About Mario

Mario Costabile is a founding member and the executive director of Array of Hope. He’s been married to his wife Susan since 1984, and they have been blessed with 5 beautiful children. He is a devout Catholic and family man. Mario has been a successful music and film producer for over 35 years.

In 2009 Mario musically produced two hit singles, “I Need An Angel” and “Alone Time” for the band Sacred Road. Currently, Mario is working on new music for Array Of Hope.

He has produced content for film, television, and the recording business. Among the notable organizations he has done work for are MTV, VH1, FuseH, Discovery Channel, the SYFY Channel, Off-Broadway productions, Yamaha Music, Sony Music, Def Jam Records, and Universal Music.

Mario has also created and produced many programs that regularly air on Catholic radio and television networks such as EWTN, The Catholic Television Network, The Catholic Faith Network, Shalom World TV, and the NET. In the past few years, Mario produced a television series called “Fatima Gems” which is part of the online streaming service FORMED.

Mario has received many awards for his productions. One such award received is a Telly Award for the documentary he produced on the making of the motion picture film by Roadside Attractions called “Gimme Shelter” which starred James Earl Jones, Vanesa Hudgens and Brendan Frazer. His most recent award is a film specifically addressing the pandemic called “A Message of Hope”.

Mario is committed to utilizing his talents to do God’s will in the development of Array of Hope and its vision to unite families and help them grow closer to God.

The Interview

Listen to the podcast here.

Here is the interview on Youtube.


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