Defending Marriage Is Something We Must Do

Fr. Sebastian Walshe spends some time with me this week to discuss strengthening and defending marriage. He is part of Saint Michael’s Abbey in Orange County, California. Learn more about the Abbey and the amazing Abbot’s circle at

Defending Marriage Is Vital

This exclusive Abbot’s Circle video series is led by Fr. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem., who is also the author of the recent book, “Understanding Marriage & Family: A Catholic Perspective”. The understanding of marriage and family in western culture has changed significantly in the past 30 years. What used to be taken for granted is now challenged and even rejected.

Couple, Marriage, Relationship

The first series in this course of videos will consider the meanings of the terms “marriage” and “family” and will answer modern objections to the traditional definitions of marriage and family. Among other things, the course will consider the foundations of marriage and family in human experience and human nature.

In a second series, the course will cover marriage as a sacrament, that is, insofar as God has revealed truths in sacred Scripture about marriage and family. Finally, in a third series, the course will give practical advice to Christian couples about how to live a flourishing family life.

Marriage Is Under Attack

During a time when U.S. marriage rates have plummeted to the lowest in recorded history, and marriage and the family is under attack — it’s important for Catholics to be educated, enlightened, and knowledgeable on issues of faith, marriage and the family, and this series seeks to be a catalyst during this time in our world.

Listen to the audio here

My Interview With Fr. Sebastian

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