The Risks Of Following Christ

Recently the news has coming out about attacks and vandalism at Catholic parishes around the world. This is not really unexpected given the current state of the world.

The Risks That Followers Face

However we should look at this though the lens of history and realize that this kind of stuff is not really new. It was not different in the days of Christ and it is no different now. The evil one does not like God or what the church itself stands for.

Thus he will use any means he can to destroy us. Even in the Gospels Christ warns us several times that following Him carries risks. That not all will be accepting of the truth that He has given us.

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Standing Firm

 Seeing places of worship being destroyed is always a sorrow filled moment. The Catholic Church stands for something for more profound. Holding fast to the Gospels and all that Christ teaches.

These lessons and wisdom passed down though the generations in the lives of the Saints. Not all accept this truth. They will hate and fear what they don’t understand. If they did not then we would not have anyone who would be considered martyrs: Those who died for accepting Christ.

Remember Your Faith

 We must remember that we are more than the buildings and the statues. If the suspension of public Mass during a pandemic has taught us anything is that our faith has to be deeper than the foundations of the buildings.

Statues can be vandalized and topped. Churches can be set on fire and destroyed. They are a focal point for the faith but they are not the faith itself. Our faith lies in the path that Christ has given us in this life. Doesn’t matter what happens around us so long as we hold true to the Catholic faith and not make compromises because the world demands us to.

The Risks Are Worth It

We have a commitment to Christ that goes past the world. When we commit to walking with Christ. Nothing should stop is at all. No matter what evil the world will throw our way. Much like the days of the Apostles we must be willing to face the hatred. Matthew 5:11 “Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me.” True words to live by in an age where the faith is under more attacks than ever before.

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