Radio Show Cancelled

For those of you who read yesterdays post this may seem like a shock.  I had a radio show all set to debut here in Tucson, but I got voicemail today that changed all that.  The show will not air because they do not want to air content from Catholics.  How this never came up in conversations is unknown to me, especially since I was upfront with my website and social media pages.

It is what it is at this point.  It is disappointing that a station would do that, but in the end it is their business and I understand that.  If you subscribed to the podcast link that was in yesterdays post then stay tuned.  You will still be able to hear the show.  It just will no longer be on the radio…yet.  Anyway…thanks a s always for all of your support.

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  1. At least they were honest?
    Blessed are you when people hate you,
    and when they exclude and insult you,
    and denounce your name as evil
    on account of the Son of Man.
    Luke 6:22


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