Book Review: I’m Catholic, Now What?

As a convert to the Catholic Church it was an honor to read and review this book.  I went through the RCIA program a couple times and it served to answer my basic questions.  However, I was lost for the most part because there were still many other questions I had and I wasn’t sure where to get involved.

Shaun McAfee, the founder of, recently released a fantastic book titled I’m Catholic, Now What?  This book is relatable for any convert who has ever come into the church.  It serves to answer those extra questions, and gives direction on where to go as far as resources go.  This book gives guidance on accepted translations of the scriptures, tips on how to read the catechism, brief explanations on apologetics issues, and explains the little things we do with in the church (such as genuflecting).

This book is a great refresher for those of us who have been in the church for a while, those who may be considering entering the church, or for those who want to understand what Catholicism is.  Shaun has went above and beyond with this work, and the results are simply phenomenal.  Do yourself a favor an check this book out if you get the opportunity.  The chapters are short, to the point, but are packed with great information.  The ultimate reference book on catholic practice for converts is here.

I'm Catholic. Now What?

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