Book Review: I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars

I love the title of this book.  How many of us couldn’t use a nap and a million dollars?  The title is witty, but the subtitle is telling.  The full title of this book is I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars:  Biblical Alternatives to Stressed Out Living.  The title of the book intrigued me.  After all how many of us are not dealing with stress?  We live in a world that is moving a million miles per minute, and we are being pulled in a thousand different directions.  We have stressors such as relationships, finances, family life, and even church life.

The book itself is written with women in mind, and the author is quick to disclose this.  The author does get a bit stereotypical when it comes to how men handle stress.  After all, we all don’t go around hitting the wall when we are angry.  To be fair, some of us do.  I have also witnessed some women do the same.  With that being said, that is really the only negative I see with the book.  The author is witty, and has a very relatable writing style.  Every chapter has a common stressor, and every chapter offers reflection and biblical insight.

Overall I give it 4 out of five stars

[Note:  This book was received free of charge from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.]

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