Book Review: Transforming Grace

Grace is an unmerited gift from God.  As Ephesians 2:8 says, “It is by grace that we have been saved through faith”.  However, it seems that we forget about this gift from time to time and set out to do things on our own.  We try to measure up to God’s standard, and forget about the grace that is needed to get us to that standard.  This is the topic of the book Transforming Grace by author Jerry Bridges.  Jerry is well known Christian writer and has written numerous book.  He has also served on the staff of The Navigators before passing to his eternal reward in 2016.

Grace is transformational.  God shows us the mercy and love that only He can give, and the kicker is that it is a free gift.  This does not mean that God doesn’t have rules that he want us to live by.  God isn’t saying that as Christians we can live any way we please, but we do have a tendency to create  rules that add more of a burden.  On page 135 the author writes, “We still practice this today.  We build fences to keep ourselves from committing certain sins.  Soon these fences-instead of the sins they were designed to guard against-become the issue.  We elevate our rules to the level of God’s Commandments”.

The book itself contains thirteen chapters that discuss grace and discipleship.  It also contains four discussion chapters to help the reader understand this great gift from God.  This is a good entry level book on the topic as the language is simple, and the analogies are relatable.  I learned a lot and so will you.

[Note.  This book was received free of Charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.]

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