Book Review: The Wisdom of God

Many of us have heard of A.W. Tozer.  The man was an incredible servant of God, and was a self taught theologian.  I have read many of his previous works and all have benefited me in one way or another.  This new work titled The Wisdom of God was no exception.  The book is made up of sermons that Tozer preached in the early 1960’s.  He passed to his eternal reward in 1963 so these are some of his last words.

The book shows an increase in wisdom in his later years as he quotes, and teaches from the Deuterocanonical books of Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus.  He did not consider these works to be inspired, but he noticed that they provide insights into Hebrew wisdom and doctrine.  These books, which are considered Apocrypha in Protestant circles, are a treasure trove of lessons and wisdom of God.  Tozer states, “The Wisdom of Solomon gives important insight into the Hebrew doctrine of wisdom (page 14).

In the work Tozer continually speaks that the wisdom of God is a gift, and cannot be purchased with money.  He speaks of theology as something that is important, and says its study leads to the wisdom of God.  He compares theology to the wood that Elijah used on the altar.  He then said that prayer without theological study eaves only wood on the altar.  They go hand in hand, and that is a very important lesson that I took from the book.

I highly recommend this book for any Tozer fans, but especially for those who want to grow in their love of God.  This book will challenge you in ways that may never have thought of.  In true Tozer fashion, his words are accessible to everyone.  Not just trained theologians.

[Note:  I received this book free of charge from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.]

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