Book Review: The Gospel According to Paul

The book The Gospel According to Paul is written by John Macarthur.  Macarthur has the popular radio program Grace to You and is president of The Master’s Seminary in California.  He has been very critical in recent years about the erosion of the Gospel message in American churches, and this book was partly written as a response to that watered down message.

Macarthur lays out the message of Paul’s letters in an easy to understand format.  In the introduction Macarthur describes who Paul was, how her received his apostleship in a manner different than the other apostles, and his burden to go to the ends of the earth preaching the gospel to the gentiles.

The book itself is made of up of seven chapters and four appendixes.  The chapters lay out the Gospel according to a reformed theology worldview.  The appendixes go to great length defending the penal substitutionary theory of atonement.  Both system are not without their detractors within Christian circles, and are open to criticism and debate.

If you are looking for a basic introduction to Paul this book may fir the bill, but Michael Gorman’s Apostle of the Crucified Lord gives a much better representation of what the Gospel that Paul preached really was and relies a lot less of prooftexting and theological presuppositions.  Overall the book is a good introduction, but the reader must be ready to encounter some theological ideas that are still under debate within evangelical circles.   I also recommend F.F Bruce’s great work Paul:  Apostle of the Heart Set Free as it looks deep into history to discover the person of Paul.


[Note:  This book was provided free of charge from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.]

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