Book Review: 100+ Little Bible Words

For those wondering why I am reviewing a children’s book I have a simple answer.  I have four children, and the youngest two are three years old.  So every once in a while I jump at the chance to review a book that may assist in teaching my children the faith.  100+ Little Bible Words is a book that does just that.

The book contains 19 short stories that start at creation and end with the resurrection.  Each story contains once Bible verse from the NKJV, and each story lists a word with a corresponding picture.  To be clear, this book is not intended to teach advanced vocabulary.  However, it will help teach Bible stories and word association on basic everyday and biblical terms.  It is meant for toddlers, and my three year olds love it.

The outside cover of the book is colorful and is padded, and the pages themselves are thin boards.  This helps endure the wear and tear that toddlers do with books.  Overall I think this book is well done and is worth the investment for those looking to expand their children’s vocabulary while teaching them Bible stories at the same time.

[Note:  This book was received free of charge from B&H Publishing in exchange for an honest review.]

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