Movie Review: Heaven Bound

We have all gone through hard times in our lives at some point.  Whether it be financial pressures, work related stress, unemployment, or a spiritual attack we have all had struggles.  Through our struggles and pain we must have faith.

In the new film from fishflix Christian Movies there is such a premise.  The husband (Michael Joiner) lost his very lucrative job as an executive at a pet food company.  Through a tragic accident the dog who was in all the commercials was killed while in his care.  As a result, he was not able to pay the mortgage, pay the water bill, or electric bill.  At one point in the film he was heating up a TV dinner on the BBQ because there was no electricity for the oven.  The wife (Nancy Stafford) had started sleeping in another room, and though she was working as a nurse. their relationship was strained to say the least.  While at work she found out that her boss was terminally ill and had over $500,000 in jewelry.  They devised a plan to steal it to solve their financial woes.

There are some funny parts at the start of the movie, but the comedy picks up once the couple breaks into the boss’s home with their goof ball brother (Torry Martin).  The boss catches the would be thieves, and forgives them and empathizes with their situation.  In an attempt to evangelize the couple, the good Dr. feeds, shelters, and makes them watch various Christian films and Billy Graham crusades.

The film is not high budget, but each set is used effectively and to its fullest potential.  It is a good family comedy that even kept my three year old twins entertained.  There were several funny moments in the film.  fishflix Christian MoviesThrough it all there were some good tips and don’ts on how to do evangelism.  At one point in the film the Dr. ordered a pizza and gave the deliveryman a $100 bill.  He then said that the deliveryman can keep the change if he came in to watch a Billy Graham crusade.  The delivery man then said, “Bribe someone to watch a crusade?  Interesting theology.”  It underscored the point that the Gospel is enough, and we must be careful to not compromise it with “stuff”.  Sometimes we get so worried about presenting other things that the gospel presentation becomes secondary. The main message I got out of the film was that if Christ forgave us then we must be willing to forgive others.  I highly recommend the film, and you can check it out here Heaven Bound DVD.  The film was released on March 27, 2017.

I know this post is different from the ones I have done before, but I hope you enjoy it.

[Note:  This film was given to me by fishflix in exchange for an honest review.]

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