New Book Release!

Yesterday was the release of my new book Faith and Reason:  How the Two Work to Build a Dynamic Faith.  It was a whirlwind day, but it was an exciting day.  I am proud to say that the book did fairly well.  In fact, it was on Amazon’s best seller list for a few hours.  What an honor!  That is all because of your support and encouragement.  As is the case for most authors, writing is a passion.  Though I also have a full time job, I can’t imaging doing anything else with what spare time I have.  I thank you again for your support and encouragement.  If you wish to check out the book the links for the ebook and paperback are below.  My apologies for the plug of my book, but it is something that I am excited about and wanted to share. God bless you all!

Faith and Reason ebook

Faith and Reason Paperback

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