Book Review: The Story Devotional

The Story Devotional is a daily devotional based on The Story Bible.  It contains 365 daily devotions that take one from the beginning of the Bible in Genesis all the way to Revelation.  There is no bouncing around as the devotions go in order corresponding to the Biblical books.

The devotions contain anywhere from one to three Bible verses with a reflection and prayer.  They are fairly short and take around ninety seconds to read through.  It is my recommendation that the reader also read the Bible verses references within the devotion to get a more complete understanding of the message being conveyed.

This devotional is written is simple terms with little to no theological language.  The book s not dated which allows the reader to start whenever they are able.  The devotional is good for new Christians as it is easy to understand.

[Note:  I received this book free of charge from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.]

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