Book Review: Made For More

Made for More:  A Journey of Discover and Purpose is an excellent offering by author Bobby Benavides.  At 98 pages, it is fairly short, but the reader will wish that it were longer.  Bobby’s style is one that most anyone can relate to, and he writes in such a manner that it seems he is writing to you.

The book explores questions we all have such as who am I?  What am I?  I know these are questions I have sked, and you most likely have asked them as well.  These questions are masterfully explored using scripture.  He then introduces the reader to the one who can answer all of these questions…Jesus Christ.  Bobby puts it best when he writes on page 77, “You are like Moses.  Moses was trying to find his place in life.  He ran from his pain and tried to find comfort in unknown areas.  He needed to discover his purpose and potential.  He was lost.  Before God made his move to speak with him, Moses was wandering with his sheep.  Mankind wanders regularly.  You are, most likely, in search of something bigger to be a part of.  God is burning a bush in front of you, and he is ushering you in to participate in a great journey.”

This book is worth your time.  God bless you!

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