Book Review: The Garden of God's Word

The Garden of God’s Word by Fran Rogers is the second in a series of books about the magnitude of God.  The following quotation in the introduction got my attention and set the tone, “If the Holy Bible is not true, then it is a lie, and effective to only deceive those who read it.  If it is true, and not a lie, then it is effective to do what God says He will do (Page 3).”  The book is about enhancing one’s study of the Bible, and if I may be so bold, the author does a great job of challenging the reader to do just that.

The book is made up of seven chapters that assist the reader in delving deeper into the scriptures.  She shares what the Bible is, how it should be approached, and how the reader will be transformed.  It is the study of scripture where we are formed by the Spirit to become more like Christ.  This is not always an easy task, and it may take several years of study to have our own presuppositions exposed and corrected.  The end of the chapters are a treat for the reader as the author lists other resources for study, and even includes quotations from the great 19th-century preacher Charles Spurgeon.

This book is well worth the low price that the author charges.  She takes you on a ride through biblical theology, and does so in a masterful way.  She does so in words that are conversational, and not academic.  As a result, the average layman in the church pew will understand and be challenged to see scripture for what it truly is.  I highly recommend this book.

[Note:  The author provided a copy of the book to me in exchange for an honest review.]


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  1. William, I am humbled by your review, even as I am to write about the Almighty God and Father who created us, who in our Redemption continues to inform, reform, transform and conform us to the image of His precious Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for reading and reviewing. Please pray that others will read and be blessed through HIs Word. ~ Fran

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