Book Review: Holman NKJV Notetaking Bible

As I have studied the Bible over the years I have written notes in various places.  I have written them in the margins, table of contents, a scratch piece of paper, and even a napkin.  When we read scripture, it is inevitable that the Lord will open our eyes to something we never contemplated before.  When we are in church we may hear a great sermon and want to make notes by the passage being discussed.  With this Bible there is plenty of space to make notes so one can remember what the Lord impressed upon their heart.

The NKJV Notetaking Bible is a beautiful black and brown leather, and the binding is superb.  Please understand that this is not a study bible, so there are no footnotes at the bottom of the page.  The Bible does have a concordance and color maps to assist in study, but other than that the feature here is the bountiful space for note taking.  In fact, over one third of each page is dedicated for taking notes.

The Bible is well made with strong binding which makes it durable for everyday use for years to come.  In my opinion it is ideal for daily Bible study as one can easily write next to the selected scriptures.

If interested you can purchase the Bible here

[Note:  This Bible was sent to me by B&H Publishing for an honest review.  I was not obligated to give a good review.]

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