Theories of Creation Part Four: Revelatory Days Theory

Another interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative is known as the Revelatory Days Theory.  Though this interpretation has few supporters today, it did have more support early in the twentieth century.  In describing this theory Dr. James Smith writes, “The days in Genesis were ordinary days on Mt. Sinai in which God revealed the fact of divine creation to Moses[1].”  Another view point is that Moses had visions over a six-day period, and during that time God revealed how he created the earth[2].

It is a truly interesting theory, but abandonment of this interpretation is well founded.  It required one to be inconsistent in the use of hermeneutics.  It is a slippery slope by which anything in scripture can be seen as a vison.  At that point any historicity that the scriptures have can be twisted to meet anyone’s viewpoint.

[1] James E. Smith, The Pentateuch (Joplin, MO: College Press, 1993), 52.

[2] Gleason Archer, A Survey of Old Testament Introduction, 3rd ed (Chicago: Il: Moody Press, 1994), 199.


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