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When Christians have questions websites such as tend to be on everyone’s list.  In that format a question is submitted, and then it is subsequently answered.  What if there is a follow question?  Over the last couple weeks I have been reviewing the website  It is an extension of the popular YouTube channel   The Theology Q&A.  It has a forum format where a user an ask a question, users respond, and the questioner can respond with a follow up.

It is a fairly new site with members that ask sincere questions in an effort to understand the faith.  While reviewing the site I saw questions such as “Are works proof of justification?” and “How can God be three persons?”  These questions, and many more like it, are questions that new Christians ask.

The website is laid out well and is very user friendly.  On top of that, registration is a breeze.  It took me all of one minute to register, and I was looking through questions.  As previously stated a user can ask a question, another user responds, and the answer can be given a thumbs up or down by other users.  This is a public moderation of sorts, as members will quickly vote down an answer that may not be biblically correct.  Another thing that the site points out is that all answers must have references.  This is vital in my opinion as it gives the other users something to look at and discuss.  Discussion on this site is highly encouraged!

The website is fairly new, but is growing.  It is a place where real people can ask real questions.  They get the answers in a respectful manner, but also in a manner that is truthful.  That is a hard balance to obtain at times.  People of all faiths are encouraged to drop by and participate.  The website is worth checking out.  I am glad I did.

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