Book Review: Jesus Over Everything

[Note:  This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.]

Clayton Jennings is a very popular minister, and he has been in the news quite a bit lately.  I will get to that news a bit later because I want to focus on the book first.  The book is 208 pages long and has a central theme.  That theme is that Jesus is over everything in your life or everything is over Jesus.

Mr. Jennings states several times that people are aching and searching for something in their life.  The thing they are searching for is Jesus.  It has always been about Jesus.  He gives a personal testimony about being so caught up in organizational polemics that he almost lost sight of this crucial message.  For sure it is a message that al of us need to here.  If Jesus is head of our lives then something else is.  That something else most often turns into an idol of sorts and leads us away to what we need most.  What we need most is Jesus.

Though the book is encouraging I am not able to recommend it to my readers at this time.  The reason is the unfortunate situation that Clayton Jennings has found himself in during recent months.  It is not my intention to air one’s dirty laundry, but he has been caught in a situation that involves several woman, the elders of his church pulled his minister’s license as a matter of church discipline, but the way he reacted is concerning.  He simply changed churches and threatened his elders.  For this reason I am not able to recommend his book.  He has effectively ignored the message that he is trying to convey in his book.

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