Book Review: NIV Faith and Work Bible

[Note:  I received this book from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.  I am not required to give a good rating.]

As a theologian and Bible teacher I have many Bibles in my personal library.  The NIV Faith and Work Bible, edited by David H. Kim, is very unique.  Besides communicating the Word of God, the purpose of the Bible is help one understand the relationship between faith and one’s vocation.  It is not a study Bible, but the introductions to each book of the Bible help apply the book’s teaching to faith and work.

The Bible also offers 75 real life stories that offer the reader a good dose of encouragement.  It also offers 45 articles that describe doctrine that show the reader the importance of integrating their job and their faith.  A very unique aspect of this Bible is a series of 31 short articles that help the reader easily understand the purpose of scripture.  Included in the book are 4 essays that show the reader the importance of connecting faith in Christ with their life at work.

The text within the Bible is a fairly large font which is easy on the eyes, and there is no shortage of footnotes that connect a passage with other passages in scripture.  The text is black and is contrasted with green book introductions.

Overall the NIV Faith and Work Bible does a great job integrating faith and work life.  This is vital since we are Christians every minute of the day and not just at home.  This Bible is good edition to have as it gives a different application than a study bible, or apologetics bible.


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