Evil Desires

“Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin wen it is fully grown leads to death.”- James 1:15

There is little doubt that we have all messed up at some point.  We can look around the world and see the consequences of evil desires in the hearts of men.  Today’s verse shows the progression of evil thoughts, but it also gives us a blueprint to try to avoid such things.

Today’s verse speak of the starting point of sin as being desire.  Do we desire more fame?  More money?  More power?  That desire becomes all consuming and all we think about.  That desire has become our new god and we will do anything possible to bring about its manifestation.  This is the process of sin, and it can happen very quickly,,,sometimes before we even recognize it.  Sin brings about spiritual death, but Christ died to free us from that!  Today take some time to think about your priorities.  If Christ is not at the top of the list what is?  Will that something cause you to stumble.  May our utmost desire to be faithful servants of Christ.  This will allow us to be better husbands, wives, fathers, and friends.  God bless you.

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  1. I heard a good analogy about sin. Sin is like a mosquito bite. It gives temporary satisfaction when you itch it, but if you itch too much, it makes things worse. Sin is the same way. When we worship an idol other than God or sin, it causes us to go through more pain in the end. I am so glad Jesus died on the cross for our sins!

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