Godly Action

“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”- James 1:22

Have you ever been confronted with an event or circumstance which was wrong, but you failed to speak up?  We have all been in situations where our Christian witness would have perhaps made a difference, but we remained silent.

In today’s verse James points out a distinction between merely reading the word, and putting that word into action.  He says we are deceiving ourselves if we don’t put it into action. We can say we are Christians, but what are we ding to show it to a hurting world.  The world needs the Gospel, and by us doing what of God says will show the world what the Gospel looks like.  True hearing of the words of scripture will lead to godly action.  To many people actions speak louder than words.  If that is the case then we must let our actions scream to the rooftops.  Take some time this morning in prayer and ask the Lord what you can do to put your faith into action.  Maybe you can volunteer at church, pray for someone you meet, or establish a regular prayer time.  There is nothing too little in regard to godly action.

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