The Word…

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”- John 1:1

The Gospel of John is a great introduction to the divinity of Christ.  As a result it is a favorite book to have new converts read after coming to the faith.  As we mature in out Christian lives we often are looking for that next precious nugget of information.  Something that will help our walk with Christ get to the next level.

I have a recommendation for all of us.  Let’s get back to basics and look again at the fundamentals.  Today’s verse is a good starting point to understand just who Christ is.  Christ is described as the Word, and is described so in many New Testament passages.  John says the Word was rom the beginning.  This means that he was not created, but pre-existed with the Father.  John then says that the Word, i.e. Christ, is God.  Our Christian faith is a marathon, and sometimes we need basic refreshers in the basics.  Today’s verse is one such refresher.  Reflect today on the power of John 1:1.  God bless you!

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