You Never Know

“So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls.”- Acts 2:41

Today’s verse illustrates the results of Peter’s sermon on Pentecost.  He preached the Gospel with boldness, and the church grew by three thousand people.  This story is great and should be celebrated, but it starts much earlier.  It starts when Jesus called Andrew and his brother, Peter, to follow him.  Peter would spend over three years with Jesus listening, learning, and following Jesus everywhere.  Jesus invested his time into an individual and shows us the necessity of discipleship.

We are relational people and we may never know what will come out of a relationship.  Peter ended up denying Jesus three times, but he gave the churches first sermon and we see the results in today’s verse.  As Christians we are called to discipleship.  Are we being committed followers of Christ, or only saying it?  Are we helping to develop new disciples, or are we sitting quietly on the sidelines hoping to not get put into the game?  Being committed 100% to Christ will reflect itself in your words and lifestyle.  It will cause you do focus on the will of Christ, and His call on your life.  It will be uncomfortable at times, but worth it.  We may never know the impact that living for Christ may have on others or the world, but neither did Peter after he denied Christ three times.  Now the church is worldwide.  Are you ready to follow?

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