What do you produce?

“Can a fig tree, my brothers, bear olives, or  grapevine produce figs?  Neither can salt pond produce fresh water.”- James 3:12

In the third chapter of his letter, James is writing about taming the tongue.  Words can be a great encouragement, describe love, but they can also destroy if not used properly.  Today’s verse reminds us, that as Christians, we are unable to produce two kinds of fruit.  Either our mouths produce blessings to God, or it curses others.

If we gossip, demean,or put down others to further our selfish ambitions and claim to be a Christian then there is a problem.  The two do not mix.  We would lack credibility, and not only discredit ourselves, but those who follow the faith.  Words are powerful…use them wisely.  Don’t get me wrong.  There will be times when we mess up, but we should still be striving to make Christ known by our words ad lifestyle.  Spend some time alone with the Lord this morning.  Pray, and examine your interactions from yesterday.  Do they fall into the context of today’s verse?  Be the light of Jesus to those around you today!  God bless.

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