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“The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”-Proverbs 15:4

This little piece of biblical wisdom is still relevant today and it can apply to many different situations.  Have you ever had a family member come up to you excited about something that happened?  Did you interrupt their story of excitement with something that happened to you?  This is the work of pride, and we fell to the temptation of needing to be the center of attention.  In the process we deflated the joy our friend or loved one had.  In short, our tongue crushed their spirit.

This passage is not saying that we are not to correct someone, but it does say there is a way to do it.  We must to it in a loving manner while bearing the truth above all.  This is a key to relationship building.  Next time someone is excited to ell you something, kill your pride, and listen.  This gesture will make people see you as someone they want to talk to, and will open many opportunities to share God’s love and mercy with them.  Resolve today to listen in order to hear, and not to listen in order to speak.  Then keep that person in prayer, because you never know when they will open up to the Gospel.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to ‘listen in order to hear, and not to listen in order to speak.’ This is something I’ve been struggling with of late and I’m very grateful for your words of wisdom. Thank you! 

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